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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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WFU/Barcelona: Business & Global Studies Barcelona, Spain
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover Barcelona The Wake Forest Barcelona Program is specifically designed for business, economics, entrepreneurship, and global trade and commerce students, but it also appeals to those students interested in political scie nce[...]
WFU/Belize: Ecology of Lighthouse Reef Lighthouse Reef, Belize
Terms: Spring Description: Explore the Ecology of Lighthouse Reef This is the laboratory portion of BIO 312: Ecology & Conservation Biology of Coral Reefs, offered in the Spring semesters. Students spend Spring Break (Saturday to the following Sunday )[...]
WFU/Cambridge: INSTEP Cambridge, England
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover Cambridge with INSTEP Driven, hard-working students have the opportunity to join the ranks of those who have studied at the University of Cambridge over the past 800 years.  Wake Forest University, in affiliation [...]
WFU/Chile: Honors Santiago, Chile
Terms: Fall Description: Discover Chile The honors designation in Latin American and Latino Studies is a recognition of outstanding scholarship in the area, as evidenced by academic achievement, critical thinking, intellectual initiative and deep famil iarity[...]
WFU/Copenhagen: Critical Media Studies (Spring Short Term) Copenhagen, Denmark
Terms: Spring Description: Wake Forest University Copenhagen: Critical Media Studies  This spring break program is an add on to the 3-hour, semester-long course COM 370: Critical Media Studies: Films of Lars von Trier. Students participating in the [...]
WFU/Czechia, Germany, Poland: Confronting the Holocaust (Spring Short-term) Berlin, Germany; Krakow, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland
Terms: Spring Description: Wake Forest University: Confronting the Holocaust Students participating in this program will be enrolled in HST 311 for 2 credit hours. Nearly all of the program will take place outside of the classroom. Students will [...]
WFU/Dijon Dijon, France
Terms: Fall Description: Discover France Since 1972, WFU students desiring to immerse themselves in the French culture and language head to the city of Dijon for the fall semester.  They are surrounded by vineyards of the Côte d'Or and b y[...]
WFU/Japan: Kansai Gaidai University Hirakata, Japan
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover Japan at Kansai Gaidai University The Wake Forest program is based at Kansai Gaidai University. The university enrolls 14,000 students annually and has an international student population of over 400. All international [...]
WFU/London: INSTEP London, England
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover England with INSTEP Wake Forest University, in affiliation with the Institute of Economic and Political Studies (INSTEP), offers you an outstanding intellectual and social experience in a vibrant city. Classes are taug ht[...]
WFU/London: University Studies & Internships London, England
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover London: Live, Learn and Intern In partnership with Queen Mary University of London, one of the United Kingdom’s leading research-focused higher education institutions, Wake Forest’s London University Studie s[...]
WFU/London: Worrell House London, England
Terms: Fall: WFU House, Spring: WFU House Description: Discover London at the Worrell House Each fall and spring semester, a group of Wake Forest students and a Resident Professor live and study together at Worrell House. Students marvel at the extension of the classroom into the c ity[...]
WFU/Salamanca: Global Trade & Commerce Studies Salamanca, Spain
Terms: Fall, Spring Description:
WFU/Salamanca: Neuroscience Salamanca, Spain
Terms: Fall Description: Neuroscience in Salamanca The Wake Forest Salamanca Neuroscience Program is a new program offering STEM students the opportunity to study science at one of the leading neuroscience institutes in Europe. Students on the pro gram[...]
WFU/Salamanca Salamanca, Spain
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: WFU/Salamanca: Study Abroad Program in Salamanca (Fall & Spring) The Department of Spanish & Italian of Wake Forest University sponsors a study abroad program at the University of Salamanca, Spain, one of the oldest and most prestigious un iversities[...]
WFU/Southern Cone: Chile & Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile
Terms: Spring Description: Discover Chile and Argentina From the bustling metropolises of Buenos Aires and Santiago to the pristine beaches of Uruguay and the glacial expanses of Patagonia, South America's Southern Cone is a captivating region.  [...]
WFU/Venice: Casa Artom Venice, Italy
Terms: Fall: WFU House, Spring: WFU House Description: Discover Venice at WFU Casa Artom Explore the magnificent sights, narrow streets, canals, and piazzas of Venice, the city surrounded by water. Each semester, Wake students reside at Casa Artom, an historic site once home to the [...]
WFU/Venice: Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennale Venice, Italy
Terms: Spring Description: PRIORITY DEADLINE: October 15, 2018 Interviews will take place at the end of September ​Rolling admission, so apply early! Discover contemporary art and the Venice Biennale at Casa Artom Venice, a historical ar tistic[...]
WFU/Vienna: Flow House Vienna, Austria
Terms: Fall: WFU House, Spring: WFU House Description: Discover Austria at the WFU Flow House Vienna is a city rich in imperial history that WFU students call home for a semester just as some of the greatest composers in history called it home--namely Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, Schube rt,[...]
WFU/Washington, D.C.: Internships Washington, D.C., United States
Terms: Fall, Spring Description: Discover Washington, D.C. with an Internship This exciting program will allow students to study and intern in the Capital while taking courses taught by a Wake Forest faculty member. Internships will be available from a variety [...]